What happens in Bali…

When you hear “Bali”, these are the things that would instantly pop in your head: beach bumming, surfing, cheap drinks slash partying. During my two visits, I only got to do one and a quarter out of three (1 – beach bumming, ¼ – partying). That sounds a bit pitiful, I know. What I’m trying to get at though is that Bali is not limited to just those three things.

I’ll start with the most obvious one, what I got to enjoy on my two trips – Bali Beaches. Whether you’re a soul surfer looking for that perfect wave, or someone who’s in for a relaxing swim and a gorgeous tan, Bali possesses a number of options that would suit your need. The bonus is you’ll never run out of eye candy anywhere you go too. These are my favourites:

Padang Padang Beach:



Dreamland Beach:






Karma Kandara Private Beach:




The Culture. I didn’t do an extensive research (though I probably should have) before I wrote this entry, so I dare not say how much percentage is Hinduism in Bali’s religion. Most of the people I got to interact with are Hindu though, and they exert this remarkable positivity that I wish at least half of the world’s population has. These are their astonishing temples I got the chance to visit:

Uluwatu Temple:



Mother Temple of Besakih:


Tanah Lot:







Food and Beer. A must try is their Jimbaran dinner, which offers a variety of delicious food, beverages and an awesome sunset view. Recommendation is to be at the place by at least 5:30pm to give yourselves ample time to settle in and spot the best table to enjoy the view and your dinner. And the beer? Well, your Bali experience is not complete until you get an ice-cold Bintang by the beach.

Jimbaran Sunset Dinner:





The People. Remember what I said about the people’s positivity? Perfect example is this fellow named “Bram”. He served as our driver/tour guide during my 2 visits. He’s probably one of the most humble people I’ve met. Without literally intending to, he gave us the most important lessons about “Karma”, through his casual stories.

“Do good, and only good will come back to you.” – short and easy, but I suppose if everyone just thinks of that simple phrase every single day, then we will all live in a much happier place.

His hard work is extremely inspiring, and his whole persona is the type that radiates kindness and generosity. He’s also someone who gets enormously grateful for every simple thing people do for him, regardless if it’s as trouble-free as take-out McDonald’s. One of my favourite memories of him is when he gave us Bali specialty coffee beans on our last day during my first visit. He remembered how much my friends and I love coffee, and he thanked us profusely for “everything we did for him.” Though for the life of me, I can’t even think of anything extra special that we did.


So, if you opened this blog to get directions on how to go around Bali, my sincerest apologies but unfortunately I am suffering from a severe condition of “lack of sense direction”. So instead, I highly recommend for you to get Bram’s services, and I guarantee that he will only take you to the best places, while allowing you to have enough time to relax and enjoy what a real vacation should feel like.


Travel dates: July 2013; August 2014

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  1. thatemily says:

    Oh wow it looks absolutely stunning there! Great photos!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m really glad you liked the photos!


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