Autumn in Seoul

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic with all the Sakura posts from Japan popping everywhere I look, and it makes me extra lonelier that it’s been months since my last adventure. So I thought of reminding myself of my autumn experience in Seoul. If you read my previous posts though, you may have figured out by now that this blog won’t help you much as far as tips and directions are concerned (sorry!). During this trip, you can’t imagine how many times I’ve thanked Heavens that my friend didn’t leave me on the streets, else I strongly believe that I would’ve been stuck somewhere in Gangnam until now. Don’t get me wrong, I think Seoul has an exemplary transport system, I am just having a really difficult time reading maps (in any language). Case in point, if you get this cute little baby from the airport, you can pretty much roam around the city, and get to wherever spot you wish to visit:


That’s as far as my “tips” would go. And oh, check Airbnb for cheap hotels (surprise, surprise!). We stayed at this cute place in Hongdae – HaTo Guesthouse. The owner, Jin, was really sweet and friendly. The other owner (husband, I suppose) even drove us to the train station on our way home. Yey!


Funny fact, whenever I travel with R, this friend of mine with wow planning skills and sense of direction (thank goodness!), if we see something worth noting, whether it be good or bad, she always tends to say, “for my blog..”, though neither of us actually had one. Well, I do now, technically. Ha. I just remembered cause we said that a lot during this trip, and look, I’m actually (kinda) “blogging” it.

On a serious note though, aside from the obviously beautiful city, what I loved about the place is the warmth of the elderly. Though there’s language barrier most of the time, as with other non-native English speaking countries, they try their best to answer the tourists’ questions and assist in the best way they could. They have this heart-warming smile on their faces and this sweet gesture of gently tapping your back as you say thanks and bid them goodbye.

The food is really amazing too. But I’ll stop right there cause I suppose that’s a known fact. But please, make sure you try this wonderful creation of the gods – sausage in spiral fried potato with cheese powder (I have no idea what it’s called). It’s so bad for you that it tastes so damn good:


Anyway, I better stop blabbering on, and just let the photos give justice on how beautiful Seoul is. Have fun!

The Best of Autumn




Shopping at Myeongdong




Love Locks at Seoul Tower






Changdeokgung Palace Secret Garden





Nami Island



Travel date: November 2014

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