Sydney: My Home and Away

Do you ever get that feeling when you feel that you’re supposed to be doing something else, than how your day normally goes? That unsettling feeling when you feel you’re not supposed to be where you are, and you’re missing half of your life because you’re not where you’re supposed to be.

I guess most of us do. There’s absolutely nothing unusual about it. Half of the world might feel it rarely. The other half gets the worse version on most part of their day. I’m one of the latter half.

Three years ago, I went to Sydney for the first time. I lived there for 3 months, alone. Though for me, there is nothing uncommon about living on my own, I guess it’s different when you’re miles and miles away from what you might call home. Normally, you would feel restless, homesick even. I won’t lie and say I didn’t feel any of those. What happened to me though, at least eventually, the feeling of “belongingness” was greater than what I’ve ever felt in my 20+ years of existence.

Sydney, 2012

So what am I getting at? For someone who grew up in the Philippines, it’s common to see people wanting to live in another country, that’s no secret around the world. I was NOT one of them though. Although I enormously love traveling, I never really wanted to live permanently on any other country. I did not come from a wealthy family, but I lived in comfort all my life. And in the Philippines, the definition of “middle class” (for most) is having your breakfast served as soon as you wake up, having someone do your laundry, fix your bed in the morning (or afternoon if you’re allergic to mornings like me), wash your dishes, etc. So, why then would it not make sense to never want to live elsewhere?

Australia is a great beauty – everyone knows that. But what I like most about it, Sydney in particular, aside from its obvious grandeur, is the blend and mixture of nationalities. You get a vibe of diverse cultures in a single place. Everyone is so different, that you feel that your difference is not strange at all. It made me feel at peace in a place that’s so far from my comfortable home. It made me feel that I was exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I guess that’s what happens when you feel that your thoughts and views are usually not conventional to what most in your community have. It’s not necessarily that I’ve found people in Sydney who think exactly in the same way that I do; it’s just that when you’re in the middle of diversity, it makes you feel less peculiar.

Sydney is the place I’ve had the privilege to have visited the most – and hurrah to cheap flights, I just booked my will-be 4th time few days ago, so I might be just a little biased here. Now most people might say I’m still missing a lot of wonders around the world, and I have no doubt that I absolutely do. But from the considerably limited places that I’ve been to, Sydney is the one I felt most at home in. So while I’m still striving to see the world, and figuring out where exactly I belong, let me share with you the best of Sydney – for me 🙂

Things in Sydney you’ll be insane not to love

Who wouldn’t want to be so close to this breath-taking skyline? I don’t mind riding a ferry to work everyday if it means I’d have this view.


Do you know anyone who could ever resist beach in the city? 




Minutes away from an exquisite ocean cliff wonder (The Gap)



Scenic view, possibly right across your home…




Coffee at its finest! This is my personal favourite..


And, simply because it’s just pure beauty, that it’s so instagram-y…





Travel dates: Jan-Mar 2012, Oct 2013, July 2014


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