Hello again, Sydney!

So this trip didn’t go exactly as planned when I booked my flight months ago. In fact I was not even able to use that flight at all. I had to come few days in advance to… Work. But hey, that was another fun story in its own way, however I won’t bore you into details about my day job.

Since I technically just had 2 free days to go around (Sunday, then Tuesday, start of my annual leave), I only have a few things to show in this entry.

First. Luckily, and I mean really lucky, I got to experience the Sydney Aroma Festival again this year. I don’t have much photos to share, and out of pure pun, my friend and I decided to recreate the photo he took of me at The Rocks last year (vanity alert!):The Rocks

Second. We were hoping to show our friend who’s visiting Sydney for the first time the exquisite pinkish violet sky of Manly Beach during sunset. But unfortunately we got there too late in the day. So here are some snapshots of the Manly Beach at night instead, which is still gorgeous looking regardless.




Third and last. I have finally witnessed the famous Blue Mountains. I was actually reluctant (again) to join my friends on this day tour, just because I claim that I needed to regain my energy and just wanted to spend my last full day in Sydney in bed for hours (yep, I am lazy). But I’m glad I dragged my butt out of bed. Cause now I know that the photos I’ve seen before were not just exaggerated and overly edited after all. Trust me, it’s worth your day.









So there, that pretty much wraps up my Sydney 2015. Quick but awesome in its own bizarre, somewhat intricate wonderful way. And I’m hoping I’ll be back sooner than expected. But for now, I’m off to Melbourne.

See yah!

Travel date: July 2015

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