Coffee Lovin’ in Melbourne

Coffee. Almost everyone who heard about my getaway to Melbourne told me I would absolutely enjoy the cafes in the city. Even as a child, my palate has always had the appreciation to the sweet and bitter taste of coffee, so this part of Melbourne is one of the things I’m most excited about when I booked this trip. As my friend put it, the city takes pride in its coffee, and true enough, Melbourne exceeded my expectations with its marvelous blend and aroma.

I spent my Wednesday morning hopping from one café to another. No, I’m lying I started at noon, literally. Like 12:15 cause I’m such a morning person for someone who loves coffee, obviously. These are the ones I visited and would definitely recommend.

The first one is on the top list from Mr. Ever-Reliable Google when I searched for “Best Cafes in Melbourne CBD” – Brother Baba Budan

imageIt has a very artsy and interesting interior. I tried their flat white and chocolate brioche and the place didn’t disappoint.

Next one is at the famous graffiti lane, Hosier Lane. I recall seeing a coffee shop in the midst of all those amazing art work during my first few days in the city, so I decided why not try it out as well. Their latte is quite good, but unfortunately they don’t have any seats inside, though the barista said they’re working on it, so yey! This photo though was actually taken 2 weeks ago.

This one took a little while for me to find due to my excellent sense of direction – Patricia Coffee Brewers. I was about to give up, my tripgo said Little William St. near the same street where I found Brother Baba Budan, but it didn’t look like something that’ll have a café on it, then voilà, I found the sunshine. Literally.

imageThe barista recommended their best seller chocolate cookie, yum! Then I tried their different take on “white” coffee, Seven Seeds blend. It was heavenly!

Next stop is Dukes Coffee Roasters. This one is quite an easy find as it’s just at Flinders Lane near my friend’s apartment. It has a more simplistic interior compared to the other ones I visited, but the latte is one of the stronger blends I’ve tasted so far, so I love it.

Last stop – Café Andiamo at Degraves St. I tried their caramel latte and calamari. This place has a homey feel to it, a good one to enjoy a relaxed meal and coffee.

There you have it. As much as I want to try more, my body can only handle so much coffee in one afternoon. I have tried a few others during the past days and weeks, but this city has a splendid variety of superb cafes, that it will be very difficult to summarise everything in one writing. I would definitely try a few more on my last couple of days in the city, and I have no doubt I’d find other exceptional blends.

Date: August 12, 2015


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