Falling for Melbourne

Melbourne – what’s not to love?

As I reach the end of my journey and reminisce my wonderful past few weeks, one of the things I gathered is my heightened thirst to learn and see more of Australia, all of its states and cities, which I have no doubt that they all have unique compelling beauty and resounding rich culture.


I have always loved Sydney, but Melbourne is a wonderful surprise and it gave me an entirely different view and feel to the beautiful country of Australia. While Sydney has this natural beauty and sophistication vibrating from all its corners, I realised that Melbourne has its own appeal, hip and full of life, a quiet but absolutely remarkable elegance with warm and welcoming eccentric, vibrant culture.

Here are some of the photos taken around Melbourne during the past three weeks.

Marvelous architecture in every corner, where old meets new, giving a breathtaking overall view to the city:


Most of the structures also boast impeccable details inside:

State Library of Victoria
State Library of Victoria
Coop's Shot Tower
Coop’s Shot Tower

Melbourne also has amazing beaches. Too bad we’re not into skinny dipping during winter. Lol.

St. Kilda Beach
Brighton Beach

And of course, your trip to Melbourne is not complete without witnessing the showcase of art work and pure talent on every turn:

Other highlights of my trip shared on my last few entries:
Yarra Valley
Mt. Buller
Cafés in Melbourne

So, you be the judge, but as for me? It is absolutely effortless to fall in love with this city.


Travel date: Jul-Aug 2015

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