Lovely Provence

When I travel, I always yearn for that surreal, dreamlike feeling that I am truly in a new, distinct place, far different from where I grew up. For every new place that I visit, I’ve always longed for that feeling of wanting to pinch myself to make sure it’s not just a dream. I’ve seen a lot of astonishing, wonderful places, and to say that I have never been mind-blown wouldn’t exactly be right nor fair. However, in some ways, there’s always been this stubborn, unsettling feeling, that no matter how exhilarated I get for each and every place that I see, somehow it felt like I’m missing something; it felt that surely there could be more, and I couldn’t quite ignore that notion of being indistinctive, and that the thrill has somehow been tamer than I would have hoped it to be.

Until Provence…

With Provence, everything just looked so beautiful. Like nothing was ever out of place. I finally had that serene yet bewildering feeling that I was in a movie scene — and I say that with no exaggeration. A place that is a far cry from ordinary.


Les Baux, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

This is by far the most magical place I’ve ever seen. It’s like straight out from travel magazines. Everything was just astonishing. The photos won’t do much justice, but I was in disbelief and absolute awe the whole time I was in this surreal, stunning beauty. It was utterly jaw-dropping, and I had no room for hesitation that I was in a magical place.


Les Baux, May 2017


Avignon – The City of Popes

A city that takes you back in time. The place was beautifully preserved to immortalise the aesthetics of the city. The old structures magnified the exquisiteness of the place, and would make you wonder — if this place that has been present for centuries could be so fascinating in this modern age, how much more enchanting would it have looked like before?



Pont du Gard

An important structure of ancient Romans that’s added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Walking on the bridge would give you a semi Game of Thrones vibe.



Aix en Provence – The City of a thousand Fountains

This little city felt like a fairy tale. I can almost imagine Belle from Beauty and the Beast singing on the streets some centuries ago. It had such a friendly vibe, not crowded and a perfect place for a relaxing stroll. A quintessential place for a holiday if you want some peace and quiet.

Place d’Albertas


Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

Pavillon Vendôme



The only thing I regret about this trip (well if you can call it “regret” really) is that we were a few weeks early for the lavender season. I probably would’ve burst into ugly tears if I had the chance to witness that marvelous lavender fields of Provence, and it will be a tough job to ever surpass my expectation for any future travel. Nevertheless, Provence was still worth every penny and is still my favourite place to date.

If and when I’d ever get the chance to see Provence again, I’ll make sure to revisit every place that I’ve been to, if only to relive that giddy, bubbly feeling of pure happiness of being in an extra-ordinarily gorgeous, captivating place. Though next time I’ll make sure to see the lavender fields too, of course.


Travel date: May 2017

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  1. August 2020. Booked.

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  2. Curt Gilman says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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